Spring breakin’

Well, my spring break is swiftly coming to a close 😦
It has been a fantastic week of shopping, movie watching, reading, writing, beaching, book shopping, baked goods baking and eating, and friend catching up(ing?).

I am not looking forward to this restful time ending. But I know I’ll push through because I can’t wait to see my friends again (especially my roommate), I enjoy learning from my classes, and the sooner we get back to school the sooner it will be SUMMER TIME! (at least my priorities are mostly in the right place)

In summation-
1 new pair of shoes (knock-off Birkenstocks from Target, which I LOVE)
2 new dresses, 2 new shirts, 1 new vest/cardigan thing, 1 new pair of shorts (Goodwill baby!)
10 movies watched (Harry Potter 1-6, Pride and Prejudice, Bridget Jones Diary 1 & 2, Stuck in Love)
1 1/2 books read (Day After Night and The Other Story)
3 poems written
1 very patchy (not to mention painful) sunburn
15 books bought (for $9, hello used bookstore)
1 batch of muffins (healthy), 1 pan of brownies (not healthy), and 3 batches of cookies (2 sticks of butter not healthy)
4 old friends caught up with

Spring break 2015; it’s been real, it’s been fun, and I can, in all seriousness, honestly say its been real fun πŸ˜€

fare thee well

What did you do over spring break?


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