Project 365: Weeks 15&16

So, after this two weeks it would be more appropriate to rename this Project 363, as I missed two days. Wups.

I can’t remember what was going on 9 and 12 April, but it was either something that got in the way of me remembering to snap a photo or something I was too into to think about photographing.
Whatever the case, it was a good way to reflect that life is often greater than taking a photo and some memories are better left undisturbed by an attempt to document them.

10 Apr 17: This semester my desk basically became the staging area for my craft supplies
11 Apr 17: In my capstone class for my Outdoor Leadership minor our professor put us into “tribes” at the beginning of the semester and then we spent the whole rest of the semester together. Spending all semester with these goons was a blast.
13 Apr 17: For Easter weekend I went camping with some friends and finally got to break my new Osprey pack in. I have this almost excessive love for backpacks, which is why I am hugging this one.
14 Apr 17: Day two of our camping trip brought us to the beach
15 Apr 17: Hanging with Mama G
16 Apr 17: Easter brunch at Starbucks feat the wind in my hair
17 Apr 17: A lady I work with gave me this devotional for free, and the devotion for this day was exactly what I needed to hear. God is pretty cool in that way (and most ways)
IMG_7538 (1)
18 Apr 17: Happy birthday Michelle!
19 Apr 17: More (always) sunset lovin’
20 Apr 17: My roomies got me white Converse for my birthday so we could all match. Is this unity or conformity…either way I love them (the roomies and shoes 😉 )
21 Apr 17: A rare sighting of me in a dress and lipstick for SEU’s annual awards show
22 Apr 17: The best way to celebrate Earth Day is by running through the mud, obviously

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