Project 365: Weeks 17&18

Guess what my lovely readers! I am caught on my project 365 posts! Praise God.

Love you peeps.

Enjoy! 🙂

23 Apr 17: Game day nostalgia (Oregon Trail in card game form)
24 Apr 17: My friends had their frisbee championship game and the sky showed up
25 Apr 17: Hammocking daze
26 Apr 17: Its hard to let impending finals get ya down with baby ducks around
27 Apr 17: Sometimes when you’re sea kayaking with two of your best friends you end up forming your own pod and of course the next step is matching shirts. Third pod member not present and as such not pictured (its time to move to Florida Jesse)
28 Apr 17: Graduation day! My time is coming next year…
29 Apr 17: Pool day
30 Apr 17: New adventures coming Fall 2017
1 May 17: In my family we have a tradition of getting ice cream on the last day of school. Andy’s did not disappoint!
2 May 17: Cough drop wrapper encouragement got my back on the sick days
3 May 17: The “its officially summer” look
4 May 17: I don’t always do girly things, but when I do I’d like red lipstick to be involved
5 May 17: Hikes with the fam feat. Porkchop being a goof
6 May 17: Theres a little baby joining the fam in October and my mom and I have high aspirations

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