Project 365: Weeks 29&30

Once again I am sorry about all the selfies and for missing a day, but also I like selfies because I like taking pictures with people, and being too busy to take a picture is sometimes a good thing

16 July 17: NC adventures continue with puddle jumping
17 July 17: While in NC I stayed in the cabin I slept in during my wilderness semester; this was the view out the back window
19 July 17: Lizard catching at the YMCA. All the lizards those kids caught probably died but I don’t know, you gotta pick your battles
20 July 17: Summah is ice cream float time
21 July 17: This selfie is a hot mess
22 July 17: I liked the sunlight
23 July 17: We got it together to take a nicer picture this time
24 July 17: On our bike ride mom got a flat tire and we got rained on
25 July 17: Learnin’ and growin’ and of course writing about it
FullSizeRender (1)
26 July 17: Porckhop and I
27 July 17: Mornings on the bicycle
28 July 17: Riding with dad
29 July 17: Our haul from scalloping!

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