Project 365: Weeks 29&30

Once again I am sorry about all the selfies and for missing a day, but also I like selfies because I like taking pictures with people, and being too busy to take a picture is sometimes a good thing

Project 365: Weeks 17&18

Guess what my lovely readers! I am caught on my project 365 posts! Praise God. Love you peeps. Enjoy! 🙂

Project 365: Weeks 15&16

So, after this two weeks it would be more appropriate to rename this Project 363, as I missed two days. Wups. I can’t remember what was going on 9 and 12 April, but it was either something that got in the way of me remembering to snap a photo or something I was too into…

Project 365: Weeks 11&12

  March is almost over (its actually over, but my March posts aren’t quite up to date yet, but soon!)

Project 365: Weeks 9&10

Spring break, which mainly consisted of recovering from dental surgery (but also saw a birthday celebration and my dogs) and the following week, which happened to be one of the hardest weeks of my semester thus far. Even in the incredibly difficult days the Lord is still good and life is still beautiful

Project 365: Weeks 7&8

Mid to the end of February: lots of adventures and bicycle rides and hammock hangs 🙂 Almost caught up!