Project 365 (Round 2): Week 1!

Hello all! 2018 is off to a strong and relaxing start. I enjoyed the project 365 so much that I figured I’d do it again, with blogging on a weekly basis now. I hope you stick around for my second round! 🙂

Project 365: Weeks 51&52

Ah, my project 365ish is finally completed (and its already 2018 so the next year’s has been started!) What a wild year. Thanks for tagging along and I hope you stick around for whatever else my blog may produce! 🙂

Project 356: Weeks 43&44

So theres less than a week left of 2017 and I’m four-five weeks behind on blogging?? Seems about right. I’ll be caught up soon and also soon catch a post about the craziness of this semester!

Project 365: Weeks 39&40

Hey guys! School and life have been wild so I’m a couple weeks behind, but here is the end of September into October! Keep on killin’ it yall.

Project 365: Weeks 37&38

My oh my life has been crazy and I am very behind on blogging (naturally), but here we go with the next two weeks!

Project 365: Weeks 31&32

Hello blog readers! The last couple weeks have been crazy so I’m a week behind on blogging, but my small hiatus is over!