Project 365: Weeks 11&12

  March is almost over (its actually over, but my March posts aren’t quite up to date yet, but soon!)


Recently I applied for a scholarship through the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) Β in the county I live in. This scholarship had several normal requirements; I needed to have a certain GPA, be a student at a university in Florida, and obtain two letters of recommendation, among other things. However, there was one slightly abnormal requirement:…

Project 365: Weeks 9&10

Spring break, which mainly consisted of recovering from dental surgery (but also saw a birthday celebration and my dogs) and the following week, which happened to be one of the hardest weeks of my semester thus far. Even in the incredibly difficult days the Lord is still good and life is still beautiful

Project 365: Weeks 7&8

Mid to the end of February: lots of adventures and bicycle rides and hammock hangs πŸ™‚ Almost caught up!

Project 365: Weeks 5&6

I am very late in my 365 blogging, but here is my photos from the beginning of February! Enjoy πŸ™‚

Project 365: Weeks 1&2

This year I have made a commitment to participate in Project 365. In other words, to take a picture every single day for the purpose of documenting the happenings in my life. 14 days in and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Even though the year has barely started I have found myself looking for something…


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about not being home. Probably because I haven’t been home in a while. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a nomad, but I’m decidedly not stationary either. From living at college, to working at summer camp, to wilderness wanderings, and northbound roadtrips I haven’t been home consistently for nearly 6…


Words have immense power. Words tell stories- of Pain Bitterness Fear Struggles. Over the summer I participated in something called a cardboard testimony.Β  The idea behind this is you write on one side of the cardboard something you struggled with or something that hurt you or kept you away from God, and then on the…

Summer Camp

I have been home from a summer camp job for a little less than a week now. In thinking of my experiences I decided a blog post would be in order. IΒ wanted to talk about the simplicity of camp, but then I realized it’s really not that simple. We sit in the sun and swim…